Pinnacle Energy Ltd

E&P Consultancy

The surface services


The surface team

Drilling :

Paul Barrett 


Completions/Testing Engineer:

Paul Barrett
Peter Greaves 


Facilities Engineering:

Fabian Ltd 



CW International (Chris Whitmore etc.) 



CW International 


Emergency Response:
CW International




surface Functions

  • Drilling
  • Completions/Testing Engineering
  • Facilities Engineering
  • Health, Safety, Security and Environmental
  • Emergency Response




HSE Functions

Business Link with…. CW



  • HSEQ Management
  • Risk Management, Crisis Management
  • Management Systems
  • Asset Management (Engineering, Technical, Project and Operational Services)


  • Development of HSE Management System
  • Preparation of Corporate HSE Guidelines
  • Preparation of emergency procedures & oil spill plans for onshore and offshore drilling & production operations
  • Crisis management and emergency response work around the world
  • Preparation and running of HSE training programmes (e.g. UK, Middle East, S E Asia)
  • Preparation of HSE Cases for onshore and offshore drilling
  • HSE Audits




Project & Facilities Engineering Function


  • Concept development of new projects, onshore & offshore
  • Project Management (inc. design engineering, procurement, cost control & schedulings
  • Concept development of new projects, onshore & offshore
  • Project Management (inc. design engineering, procurement,  cost control & scheduling)
  • Troubleshooting & investigations on existing projects
  • Audits - Technical, forensic & corporate governance 

Drilling Project Management

Roles and Responsibilities


  • Pinnacle Co-ordinator
    • Provide resource support as required
    • Co-ordinate liaison with client and between team
    • Main contract management
  • Project Accountant
    • Prepare Budget and AFE costs for the Project
    • Develop and maintain cost tracking
    • Verify invoices against contracts and PO’s
    • Produce final accounts for project
  • Procurement/Logistics
    • Procure services and supplies and negotiate contract issues
    • Prepare contract documents, raise PO’s and manage PO system
    • Maintain an equipment track system (rental and purchase)
    • Call off equipment and manage returns
    • Verify invoices



Drilling and Testing Functions

Roles and Responsibilities


  • Drilling Engineer
    • Detailed well design
    • Preparation of HSE Well Operations Notification
    • Prepare work scopes for ITT for materials and suppliers
    • Provision of data for various governmental submissions
    • Write Drilling Programme
    • Site supervision of critical operations
  • Testing & Completions Engineer
    • Liaise with Subsurface, Project Manager & Drilling Engineer to plan drilling with reference to data requirements & testing
    • Plan well test (s) and write testing instructions
    • Supervise testing